Moulds are produced at modern factories in China and the European Union. European factories generally use cast iron of world-famous producer Fonderie Valdelsane S.p.A. Our equipment is used to smelt several types of cast iron, including lamellar, spherical cast iron and bronzes.

We produce moulds:

  • For any type of glass container (vodka, beer, wine, medicine, perfumery, etc.)
  • For any type of machines (sectional, rotary)
  • For all types of process (blow-blow, press and blow, narrow neck press and blow, press)
  • For 5 to 3000 ml glass containers

We use modern materials and technologies to produce:

  • Moulds with reinforced edges and whole cavities
  • Bronze moulds and bottom plates, including reinforced ones
  • Two-component moulds (steel & cast iron)
  • Dameron baffle inserts
  • Take out tongs with graphite inserts

Our capacity allows us to produce more than 2000 blank and blow moulds per month. We control all production phases from casting to packing and shipping, which makes it possible to reduce production time if necessary, make technical changes promptly, make reorders, change engraving, etc.

Each melting is controlled with a spectrometer and is accompanied by chemical composition spectral analysis that guarantees stable quality of cast iron and bronze. Before shipment, mould parts sizes are checked and put down into special documents.

When bottle has an engraving, we firstly apply it to one mould. Then we show engraving's cast to the client. Full mould set is engraved only after client's confirmation of the first sample: this helps to exclude the mistakes in production.

Having several factories, we can promptly adjust capacity, which makes production terms flexible. If necessary, a complete set of moulds can be made in 20 days, and trial set will be ready in 10-14 days.